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Hey, for the first time, God is talking to Aaron directly! And since this is a momentous occasion, surely heís going to impart some important wisdom, right? Wrong! God repeats all the same commandments as before: only Aaron and his sons can ever be priests and other Levites may help setup the tent and move the furniture, but if anyone other than a priest enters the tent, they are to be executed. And when I say God repeats this, I really mean he repeats it, because in Numbers 18:1-7, God says everything twice (again)!

Well, I guess there is tiny bit of new information from God, he does tell Aaron that the priests are responsible for any sins against the tabernacle or priesthood. Now, if they were truly responsible for these sins, they would be the ones who get punished any time someone sins against the tabernacle, but we all know thatís never gonna happen! Instead, I think this passage is saying that the priests are responsible for the execution of the people who enter the tent.

But this passage raises some red flags for me. God has never had any trouble killing people for violating his useless laws, so why is he making Aaron do his dirty work? And why is he just now speaking to Aaron? In the past several decades heís only spoken to Moses (except for that weird time on Mt. Sinai where he appeared on clear stone to several elders and made them dinner! Boy was that messed up!)

I think a clearer explanation is weíre looking at more conman stuff:

ĒNo, you canít enter the tent because God will kill you! Of course, even though God has the power to kill you himself, he has told me to kill you for him! Yes, thatís right, he told me personally! No, that doesnít make Moses a redundant prophet!Ē

That just doesnít add up.



Ladyofthemasque writes:


Well, we already know from the manure fiasco on the Ark that God has no concept of math...

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Kind of the opposite of what God said when he was chewing out Aaron just a few chapters ago!


Oh the irony!