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There were several passages in Leviticus prohibiting people from touching corpses, and even one earlier in Numbers telling us that people who touched corpses must be exiled from camp. But up until now, youíd have to assume that undertakers have very short careers, because there hasnít been any information about how to get yourself back into camp. But never fear, Numbers 19:11-13 teaches us what to do if someone becomes unclean by touching a corpse.

In addition to a week-long exile, they must purify themselves in the special ash-water we discussed yesterday. This must be done twice, once on day three, and again on day seven. Then, and only then, are they considered clean and able to re-enter the camp. If they miss a purification, they continue to be unclean. For how long? The bible doesnít say, so we must assume forever.

So Israelite morticians can only serve a single client a week, and must be banished during the interim; I guess it still is one of the worst jobs in history! But hey, as we discussed yesterday, this ash-water is the only cleaning supply in Godís arsenal that may actually contain a detergent! So, morticians will be the only clean people because they bathe in itÖ

Whatís that you say? They donít bathe in it, the water is only sprinkled on them? Well crap. The closest thing to soap in the entire bible, and itís not even used for washing! So much for biblical cleanliness!




Oh the irony!