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Another day, another story arc. Numbers 20:22-24 has the congregation suddenly at Mt. Hor, at the border of Edom (Even though Edom is supposed to be near Mt. Seir). Once there, God explains that Aaron will not be allowed to enter the Promised Land because the Israelites rebelled at Meribah.

Well, I guess thatís only fair, I mean, if Aaron was rebelling against God, he canít expect to share in the rewards God is offering. But remember? Aaron didnít rebel against God at Meribah, the other Israelites did! It would be a true crime against personal responsibility to punish someone for the crimes of another! Oh wait, I think I see whatís going on here. God is punishing Aaron because he passively allowed the Israelites to sin. I guess I can sort of see that, I mean, if you knew a crime was going to be committed and you just sat by and let it happen without so much as even calling the police, youíre partially guilty. Well, no Numbers 20:2 says that the Israelites ďgathered themselves together against Moses and against Aaron,Ē indicating that Aaron opposed their actions! Whelp! Looks like God really doesnít put too much stock in personal responsibility after all!

And itís not like Aaron has been an exemplary man. The authors of the bible could have easily denied Aaron access because he built a giant golden idol to a false god or because he was racist against Mosesí second wife. So why on Earth did the authors choose the Meribah fiasco where Aaron did everything right? It just doesnít make any sense!



Agnos writes:


And I like Rincewind.

HiroOdan writes:


I can only assume that Aaron died before getting to the promised land and this is what they did as an excuse to as why.


Oh the irony!