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The bible isnít so much a book of morality, but a pornographic work for genocide fetishists.

Letís remember what has happened so far. By now, word has probably spread throughout Canaan that an army of Israelites are trespassing in their homelands. They have been seen spying on various cities, stealing crops, and have even attempted an invasion! Obviously, they are dangerous and need to be stopped. Put yourself in Aradís shoes and his attack against the marauding Israelites seems perfectly justified! So why is it believers try to convince us that the Israelites are the victims of an unprovoked Canaanite ambush?

But things get a whole lot worse! The Israelites cut a deal with God. They ask God for help defeating Aradís army, and if he obliges, they will pay God back by the complete destruction of all of Aradís cities! Every building, from the city hall to the homes of non-combatants, will be burned to the ground! The shack of a grandfather too decrepit to move out of his bed? Destroyed! The home of a recently widowed mother? Burned! An orphanage full of children? Annihilated! This is done in a process called charam which is how Israelites show their piety.

Surely the God from whom we get our morals is disgusted by this offer? Surely, the incarnation of love and peace will not stand for such an assault on his ethics? SurelyÖ please, did you forget what book youíre reading? Not only does God let them obliterate the city, but he helps them murder the Canaanite natives! No moral person could ever justify the deliberate and systematic destruction of homes and families, but welcome to the bible.

After God delivers the Canaanites to the Israelites, they make good on their promise and raze the city to the ground. And like any good war-monger, what do you do after you destroy a city? Why, you name the smoldering rubble! Yes, the Israelites now refer to the heap of ash and death as Hormah. In fact, the place is so utterly devastated that in a few years from now, in Judges 1:17, Joshua will have to invade it all over again, kill the natives, ravage the city, and re-name it Hormah.





Oh the irony!