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Remember back in Exodus when God told Moses that making a graven image of anything on Earth was such a horrible sin that he would punish you, your children, your grandchildren, and even your great-grandchildren?

On a completely unrelated note, in Numbers 21:7-9, God commands Moses to make a graven image of something on Earth. Specifically, a brass snake on a pole that will later be given the name Nehushtan. But not just any brass snake on a pole, no this is a magic brass snake on a pole! If an Israelite becomes bitten by one of those awful fiery snakes that God sent to kill the Israelites, they may look upon the magic snake and instantly be cured!

Here’s another idea, just throwing it out there, how about, instead of making a magical antidote idol that can cure the killing bite of a fiery serpent, why not just REMOVE THE DAMN FIERY SERPENTS! Or hey, why not take away their fangs? Why not make them exhibit the same docile behavior many Christians claim of the animals in the Garden of Eden and on Noah’s Ark? God prevented them from biting back then, why not now? Or here’s a huge stretch—why not do just one thing that doesn’t remind us of an off-midway carnie trick?

Anyway, if these are nothing more than mundane venomous snakes, then a mundane brass sculpture will be as useful at treating the venom as a homeopathic tincture is at treating, well, anything.



Tom writes:


Though caduceus medical symbol has two snakes, Hermes' rod only had one. Are the Isrealites trying to take credit for it? Just wondering.


Oh the irony!