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The bible has been trying to convey the idea of Moses being a humble quiet servant of God, but I have a very difficult time believing any of it what with all the warmongering. Example, Numbers 21:32-35. First, he sends spies to Jazer, and after they see the villages are unprotected, the Israelite army marches in and takes over all of them! The people of Jazer didn’t attack Moses, they didn’t provoke Moses, hell, there’s no evidence to suggest they even fought back! Without so much as a declaration of war, the Israelites waltz in, murder a bunch of people, and take control of their lands. But wait, it gets better!

Next, they move on to the city of Bashan where king Og reigns. Unlike Jazer, Bashan isn’t so eager to be vanquished, and Og’s entire army marches out to defend the city against the rampaging Israelites. But God tells Moses not to worry; just like how he helped them murder everyone in Heshbon, God will help them murder every last one of these filthy heathens who just want to live peacefully in their homes (how revolting!). And sure enough, at a battle site called Edrei, they duke it out. According to the bible, not a single Bashan defender was spared, no prisoners were taken, every last one of them were cut down and slain, and all of Bashan was taken over.

I wish I could find the words to describe God and the Israelites. The thesaurus gives me plenty of options: heinous, odious, abominable, loathsome, abhorrent, detestable, contemptible, despicable, horrendous… but somehow none of those can convey just how evil God and Moses are.



Baughbe writes:


Another fine example of how "Christian Morality" is an oxymoron.

Dixieland Delight writes:


This reminds me of what the Israelis are doing now to the Palestinians.


Oh the irony!