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The Midians lead the princes of Moab to Balaam so they may present their payment and ask him to curse Israel. Balaam invites the travelers to sleep in his house for the night while he communicates with God.

Now wait just a darn minute! Balaam, is certainly no Israelite, and the bible depicts him as a rather vile man who would dole out curses against people he never met as long as he got paid. Why on earth would he have a hot-line to God, and even more confusing, why would God honor his curses?

Of course, this certainly wouldn’t be the first time God allowed a man with an evil purpose to abuse his power and authority, but Balaam is one of the most evil types of people around… a foreigner! What gives?

Numbers 22:8 doesn’t make any sense at all, but just you wait! The bible hasn’t even begun to not make any sense!



Sander the Great writes:


Wait is he talking to Israelite god or maybe its some other god since there seems to be a few of them running around in the OT


Oh the irony!