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You know, for a deity who sends burning hellfire of death to those who even consider disobeying him, God kind of lets Balaam off easy in Numbers 22:9-12!

Short as it is, this passage is ripe with inconsistencies. First off, God asks Balaam who is with him. Why is he asking? Isn’t God all-knowing? And before you say, “well he was just testing Balaam to see if he would tell the truth,” remember Balaam has a history of communicating with God, so he should know all about the omniscience by now.

But that brings me to the second problem. The bible depicts Balaam as an unsavory character. Not only is he willing to perform curses on people he’s never even met, but he also consorts with the evil Moabites! How could God and Balaam possibly have this casual rapport?

Want a third problem? God isn’t the least bit miffed when Balaam orders him to do something that any moral person would deem evil. In fact, both Balaam and God seem entirely comfortable with the idea of having a divine being’s powers of cursing wielded by a petty mortal! Almost as if they’ve done this many times before!

When I tell Christians that, even if I knew with 100% certainty that the God of the bible existed, I still wouldn’t worship him, they tend to be flabbergasted, but I’m pretty sure it’s because they’ve never read the bible and don’t know how evil he really is.




Oh the irony!